Getting Away From The Schemes That Bring Grief

You know what they say about the tools that God gave us to use. While we may be blessed with these gifts, the tools that we have are only as good as its users. Surely by now many of you have come to appreciate that the internet and the devices you now hold in your hands are among the greatest inventions ever, making your lives so much simpler, convenient and sweeter. Or is it? Oh dear.

Because is it not true that there are many of you who have become unwitting or careless victims of the great Ponzi scheme. It is surely one of the all-time great inventions of the criminal mastermind and, my, just how well they are using their devious tools. Of course, there are those who are just so blatantly obvious, you would not mind having a little laugh about it. But do not be too quick to rush to the comedy hour.

funeral ponzi schemes

Many people have become ensnared in funeral ponzi schemes, among all the other schemes that the great Ponzi has inspired the lowest of the lowest among society to create and deviate and rip off with. If you have spotted a scheme like this that looks even slightly dodgy then you need to report it. If you are just a little scared to get your hands dirty in social responsibility, you know, doing your duty and all of that, you can always report this matter to the local whistleblower.

And what do you know. While devious minds that belong in a tiny cell out in the country are exploiting the wonder of the internet to great destruction, there are decent folks, bless their souls, who are putting the net to good use and for a good cause too.